Purser Placement

On-board Purser Placement

We are passionate on finding the perfect purser placement for you. Our experienced team have been in the super yachting industry for many years and with our knowledge and expertise we can ensure the perfect placement that works for both crew and employer's.

Our reputation is based on having long lasting relationships with both crew and employer's. We consider this a necessity in gaining a happy relationship with our client's.

With our valuable network of connections within the industry combined with our knowledge and personal connection with candidates and employer's, we are able to connect the right candidate with the right yacht.

Shore Side Pursers Ltd always work in accordance with MLC 2006 ensuring our recruitment process is regulated.

Apply below and we'll find you the perfect placement

About the Role

As a purser, you are essential in the running of a super yacht under the management of the captain. Your responsibilities range from -

  • Management of the finances on board - Accounting and bookkeeping
  • HR, payroll, crew management, crew recruitment, crew visas ect
  • Logistical administration - port admin
  • Interior management including inventories
  • Provisions, ordering of food & drink, cleaning supplies, uniforms etc
  • Organise contractors & prepare budgets
  • Responsible for interior appearance of a vessel
  • Responsible for coordinating orders and deliveries
  • Direct communication with owners and guests - planning events and arranging requests such as restaurants, cars, logistics and guest trips
  • Ensure communication on board with each department runs efficiently
  • Other administration on board
Working as a yacht purser requires great attention to detail in every task, whilst always maintaining the highest standards.

Another huge part of the job role is to be able to adapt to sudden changes, think quickly on your feet, be able to problem solve and manage working under pressure calmly and efficiently.

Please see requirements below


An up to date CV/Resume with a photo of yourself, if possible in crew uniform.

Yachting qualifications & certificates

The documents required must be relevant qualifications for a purser role. STCW, ENG 1, financial management, advanced computer skill etc.

If you need assistance with this please email - info@shoresidepursers.com for more information.

At least 3 yachting references

Please list the last 3 yachting references within your CV from your last 3 employers, noting the yacht names, captains names and contact information.

Skills & Experience

Strong administration and computer skills – knowledge in multiple computer software systems.

Strong accounting experience.

Excellent attention to detail, whilst still maintaining the highest of standards.

Strong communication, organisation and delegation skills.

The ability to work under pressure, multi-task, think quickly and problem solve.

Knowledge of both service and housekeeping to ensure operations are run efficiently within the interior department.

Confidence in dealing with yacht owners/guests and captain directly to ensure their requests are completed promptly, professionally with the upmost care.

Recruitment for perfect purser placements

For information regarding our PLACEMENT and PRICING fees for yacht crew & yacht clients, please click through to request a copy of our Client Fee Terms & Conditions.