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Our Team Values

SSP has a team of experienced pursers that are based all over the world to alleviate administration within the yachting industry. Our primary focus is to work along side captains, pursers, management and yachting companies to provide a dependable, consistent experience by lightening up administrative tasks within the office environment.

Our pursers have no less than 6 years experience within the industry and are ready to assist you in any way we can. Get in contact today

Company Directors

Sophie and Khara Pierre have been working within the yachting industry, each, for over 12 years. They are highly experienced yacht crew who have training and skills within every job position within interior on-board a yacht.

Both having worked extremely hard to be in the position they are in now, always striving for higher to gain more experience, knowledge, contacts and good relations within the industry.

Once reaching the pivotal role as pursers on-board, the highest position you can reach for interior crew, you would think that this would be their stopping point?

The answer of course is NO!

All yacht crew understand long working hours, being over worked mentally and physically and pushing themselves to the absolute limit.

When working as pursers, Sophie and Khara were, often frequently, working on their vacation time, remotely from their living rooms, as the yacht could not run properly without this extra admin being completed.

The main points that were raised were - If I had someone to alleviate the excess admin or had added help in someway then maybe it wouldn’t be so stressful. If I had someone helping me with the extra admin I could concentrate more on guest satisfaction. Imagine Captains who were taking on all of the purser role on smaller, medium sized yachts having to do all of this themselves, what if there was someone to assist them?

Here is where the business idea for SSP began.

We are the solution

With over 20 years experience in the yachting industry, our team are efficient; passionate, caring and above all, competent and experienced in knowing all aspects of yacht operations and what is required. We would be excited to assist with your yacht administration needs and look forward to hearing from you.

Khara Pierre


+44 7538 608 061

Khara is known to be tenacious, result orientated, hard working, driven, dedicated individual with proven and strong multi-tasking, leadership and organisational skills. With her many years in the yachting industry along with her vast purser experience and confidence, Khara has the skills to assist you with all your yacht admin requirements.

Sophie Pierre


+44 7960 114 556

Sophie is exceptionally hardworking, a team player, professional and enjoys every aspect of the yachting industry. Reaching the highest position as purser on yachts, Sophie wanted to change the way admin is accomplished on vessels. Relieving captains and crew so the main priority is the guests. Sophie will be more than pleased to assist you with your queries.