Financial & General Benefits

Why our services are financially beneficial

  • Cost effective – Can save the yacht over 100,000 €/$ per year.
  • No added costs un-like an agency when you make extra contact with SSP.
  • All costs/communication/work within a month is one solid monthly payment, plus we are contactable 24/7.
  • The yacht could save on at least 1 purser salary per year.
  • The yacht could potentially save on 2 yearly bonuses if this is included in a yachts program, if solely using SSP services.
  • Saving costs for medical insurance if no pursers are on-board.
  • Saving on flights which could potentially be up to 6 flights a year when on rotation.
  • Saving on visa costs if your hired purser requires this.

General Benefits

Assisting, taking extra work load from captains and heads of department to alleviate their job roles to be more beneficial to the guests and crew on-board.

The alleviation of general pressure from captains/heads of department.

Streamlining the aspects of a purser and ensuring the administration runs correctly and efficiently onshore, to suit each individual yacht's program.

Saving a desk area.

Saving on crew cabin space.

Beneficial to yachts where a purser is not required on-board but can alleviate the captain from these responsibilities.

Beneficial to yachts with large itineraries.

On larger yachts, the yacht is paying 2 salaries, for pursers on rotation. With Shore Side Purser’s we take all the responsibility of the admin a purser has on board, potentially saving the yacht up to one salary per year.

Alleviating captains or pursers when they take their vacation.

Contactable 24/7.

Concentrate on what is important - Guest Satisfaction

Land based businesses have used outsourcing admin companies for years. Known and proven to be an efficient way for businesses to provide their customers with a dependable, consistent experience by lightening up administrative tasks within the office environment.

Instead of consuming valuable time with, sometimes tedious, time-consuming admin tasks, when outsourced to an external company or person to deal with, people have more time to focus on the business itself and what is important.

This is also a positive when the business or company cannot justify or see that financially, to hire someone to do these tasks is tangible or feasible.

We need to migrate this thought process over to the yachting industry.

To externally outsource yacht administration can free up valuable time to concentrate solely on the guests and their special experience. Pass on those tedious, time consuming tasks and focus on what is truly important.