Top 6 reasons why good communication on board yachts is imperative for a smooth operation

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February 9, 2020


Through many years of my own personal experience within the yachting industry, I have seen multiple times a breakdown of communication.

Bad communication can lead to the following –

• Something dangerous happening, which is the worst possible outcome

• Peoples hard work being wasted as everyone’s aim goal was not the same

• Guests being extremely upset because what they had asked for has been miss communicated down the line

Communication on board is imperative for a smooth operation. There has been plenty of research to back up this theory. Please check out the below points on why this is so important to get right -

1.) It allows the running of the boat to operate safely

2.) Tasks are completed efficiently and correctly

3.) Creates positive working relationships between heads of department and crew, improving morale and performance

4.) Builds a strong team

5. A good line of communication with management increases loyalty and trust

6.) Resolves problems promptly and professionally

Here are some examples on how you can communicate effectively –

When speaking to your team, be naturally enthusiastic and positive, by doing this, you are leaving a connection with people, so that they feel good with the conclusion.

Set expectations to reduce stress for your team – explain what you expect from them, again in a positive manner, with this you are not leaving any doubt or questions as to what they are expected to do.

Give detailed, downward communication – not only is this beneficial on a productivity level, to be as descriptive as possible on what you want your team to achieve, also ensures that everyone understands their role.

Secondly – it facilitates emphasis on trustworthy relationships between each other. So, your team can continue their project/task in a peaceful manner without any tension being created.

Be as clear and concise as you possibly can – don’t confuse your team by baffling them with a load of unnecessary information. Give direct, to the point instructions so everyone knows exactly what their objective is.

If there is an issue within your team, as a leader/head of department, you should encourage honesty, speak in an open and professional manner and listen to your team.

By doing this you are showing understanding and trying to find a resolution as professionally and as quickly as possible. Creating a healthier working environment creates loyalty, strengthens your team and builds motivation.


Overall, clear communication increases productivity within your team. To achieve your end goal in the most positive, healthy manner makes for a winning team.

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